My name is Arezoo and Iʼm from Iran. I was born near the Caspian Sea, then moved to Tehran, and have been living in Europe for a while. I was in Italy from 2011 to 2015, and from 2015 to 2019 in Prague.

I studied graphic design where I have worked almost all my life, then switched to web design since I was interested in knowing what code was all about. So I’ve spent about four years as a front-end developer. This was great and I learned a lot, meantime I missed the colourful and creative world of design. So decided to work as a designer too. These days I work as a UI UX Designer.


My personal interests are nature, camping, traveling, jogging, swimming, skiing, books, movies, and music (Electronic, Deep house, Spiritual, Jazz, Blues, Rock, …).

I like literature since I was a child. I was composing and illustrating my own verses since 2000. I compiled a “Pictorial encyclopaedia of Art”, explaining art with multimedia perspective with related images and I was co-author of c. 10 editions of a bilingual monthly magazine for children. [2007-2008].

Psychology is always one of my favourite topic. I attended some related courses in Iran about how to comprehend children’s world and teach art to them. [Koodakan e donya].

And Iʼm keen to learn from everybody in many ways. I do believe anyone has something to teach, you don’t know about.

And so, we forge ahead…

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