Pink Moon Studios

In the Web3 game company with three products and numerous events, Trainer Hub, and NFT Marketplace, I do user research through interviews and create user flows and wireframes, built a design system and components to increase design consistency and decrease development speed. Conducted Usability tests and A/B tests and optimization through Hotjar, GA and VWO to improve user engagement and increase sales.
UX/UI Design and development of the two websites on Webflow with interactivity through After Effects, Spline and Lottie. I contribute to the Trainerhub and NFT Marketplace, addressing its intricate features for seamless buying, selling, and migrating of NFTs within the web3 environment and collaborating on Angular for development.
User flow, Prototype, Wireframe, Design System, UI Design, A/B testing, and development on webflow and angular.
Tools: Figma, Figjam, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Webflow, HTML, CSS, Hotjar, VWO, Midjourney, Spline, Lottie,…