Arezoo Kazemi

Arezoo Kazemi


A creative professional Graphic & Web Designer, with more than ten years experience, earnestly committed and assertive, comfortable with dynamic and fast- changing environments, uncompromising on ideals though.
Strongly keen to use the expertise and wide range of graphic design experience, web design, illustration, photography, marketing, with the latter goal of bringing high-quality innovative design into the realm of new media.



Acquainted with literature: I love reading poets and anything about art and literature. I compose and illustrate my own verses since 2000.
Responsible, enthusiastic, dynamic and determined. Able to adapt easily to new environments and situations, characterized by a highly multicultural exposure.
Interested in modern photography, portraits and still life in close up shots. Keen on digital artwork, cinema, blues and jazz music. Favorite sports: running, walking, ski, bowling.
Interested in the world of children: enrolled in and passed the course as “painting teacher” at Tehran-based “Children & Research Center”, www.koodakandonya.com
I passed some courses in CIW and I’ve got the certificates. CIW: The Certified Internet Web Professional, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, E-Commerce.

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